Odborárska 23

Bratislava 831 02

Company ID: 50 426 745
VAT: SK 2120344919

KvantLED is active in the rental and sales of LED screens for events, conferences, festivals, touring shows, etc.
With over 1700 sqm of LED screens on stock in our Bratislava warehouse we are ready for any of your events.
Our company also provides the development of LED screens, distribution of LED control systems and training courses for the professional LED Technician.

Kvant company was established in 1995. During its existence the company has achieved significant success in development and production of its own products as well as in distribution of technical devices to different areas of science, research, industry and education. The company has carried several awards at exhibitions. Company exports more than a half of its production to more than 50 countries all around the world.

Since the beginning, we are manufacturing laser technologies for entertainment industry and providing laser shows:

In 2007 we expanded and we are selling and renting LED technologies as well. In 2016, the LED department was transformed into the daughter company KVANTLED s.r.o.:

In 2004 the company has introduced ISO 9001:2000 system:

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