The LED screen scene for the CZ&SK Got Talent 2018 TV show was supplied by our LED team again. Of course it was not an easy project, but our guys managed everything as always. Almost 300 square meters of LED screen were installed: 228m² – LED screen P3.9 54m² – LED screen P6.6 15m²  – […]

CZ&SK Got Talent

Slovak authors of the most interesting new buildings were awarded at gala event also broadcasted by slovak national TV station. The TV scene was mainly built by our LED screens, altogether 94 square meters of P3.9. Even if the scene might look complicated, our team managed to build it in 1 day. The scene was […]

Building of the Year 2017

Hodina deťom is a national wide project with purpose of collecting financial funds for projects that focus on children and youth people in need. This effort is reaching its peak around Christmas with own TV show, broadcasted by the main public TV channel Jednotka RTVS. For this event, the organisor designed fine-looking TV scene, its […]

Hodina deťom 2017

The Earth Sings is a slovak folclore TV talent show. The show took 10 weeks and included 7 castings followed by 3 studio broadcasts. TV scene consisted mainly of our LED screens, probably the most interesting element was the traditional folclore pattern created from our LED panels.

The Earth Sings

The 17th OTO Awards, honoring the best in Slovak popular culture for the year 2016, took time and place on March 11, 2017, at the new premises of the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava. The designers team of this event is very creative and that’s what we like very much about it, the challenge and […]

OTO 2017

It was not our first time at CzechoSlovakia Got Talent and we were glad that we could come again. It’s pleasure to see the growing quality of the show and especially when knowing that we are part of that. The LED scene, that we built, was consisting of the main LED screen P4.9 (105m²), side […]

Got Talent 2016

Slovak National Film Awards, Slnko v sieti 2016, is a local equivalent to Oscars. It was broadcasted in TV and the scene was build using our LED screens. Altogether we supplied 72 sqare metres of LED screen. The set up was constisting of 4 separate screens, each 6×3 metres big.

National Film Awards 2016