European Researchers’ Night 2017, Bratislava

It’s already a tradition that last friday night in September in Bratislava belongs to science. On the 29th of September 2017 European Researchers’ Night took place in Bratislava for the 11th time. This event is happening in parallel in more than 20 other countries. We are pleased to supply regularly our technologies and to help to create the right atmosphere. The event is very modern and progressive which makes it a perfect opportunity to use the most innovative technologies. We always want to bring unforgettable experience to the audience. In the 2015 we shown 3D mapping on the building’s facade and introduced dancers that motion controlled the lasers. In the 2016 we shown holographic brain and this year we introduced our kinetic show. Beside all that, we enhance the atmosphere by supplying lasers and LED screens.

KVANT technologies on this event:

  • 42m2 LED screen P3.9
  • 14m2 LED screen P6.6
  • 10x Laser KVANT Clubmax 6000
  • LED Kinetic sphere balls


Check the kinetic sphere show in his video: