LED Dry hire

Our stock is packed with more that 1000 of various LED screens:


LED screen P3.9mm blackface
The P3.9 offers a high quality video with viewing distance of 4 metres. This screen is suitable for indoor events of all types, even for conferences where the viewing distance is the break point at decision making whether to use a screen or a videoprojector.


  • 265  on stock / 500  available upon request
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LED P6.6 outdoor
P6.6 is one of the best outdoor screens thanks to its good resolution and low viewing distance. The picture is very sharp even for the whole audience. Its ultra light weight saves time of event preparation.


  • 365 on stock

LED screen                   LED screen

LED P10 outdoor
Our P10 is suitable for all outdoor applications. Its main benefits are high weather resistance and high brightness. The housing material is aluminium which makes the screen ultra light weight.


  • 410  on stock / extensions available

LED screen                     LED screen

LED P16 indoor
P16 is suitable as decorating stage screen or a video screen if the viewing distance is higher.


  • 120  on stock


LED screen                     LED screen


LED screens comparison P3.9, P10 and P16

©Foto: Trojan Peter