LED Full service hire

When preparing any event, time is the most precious asset. Save yours with our LED screen full service hire.

©Foto: Trojan PeterThe whole process is easy:

  • We make an appointment and you will describe us the event. We help you to choose the right type of the screen and we create your technical solution together.
  • Our specialized technicians will examinate the event venue. They analyse technical possibilities, with the main focus on safety and reliability of installation. The result is the final plan of LED screen scene.
  • The next step is finalisation of the price calculation and the payment conditions. Advanced payment in amount of 50% of the final price is required.
  • We schedule the date and duration of installation. Financial effectivity for the customer is our priority.
  • On the day of the installation is everything prepared and ready. Our qualified employees have exact instructions what to do. When everything is set up, we have a look together at functionality of the whole LED scene.
  • During the event, our technicians are moving around the spot invisibly and they are continuously checking the situation. They are in connection over walkie-talkies, so the functionality of the screen is monitored nonstop. The result is that out of more than 1000 events, we  executed more than 99% without any technical complication. But we are not trying our luck and we always bring several spare devices.
  • After the event we are very flexible with the screen removal. We are focused on safety and your cost minimisation.

Your satisfaction is our priority.