LED Totem hire

Rent our LED Totem and reach your customers more effectively. It is a nice communication medium useful at fairs and exhibitions, it gets more attention than a printed poster or a flyer.

LED Totem is an independent device, suitable for interior use. It consists of four LED screens, which can produce the same picture or not. It can be static or dynamic. It can be used for pictures, video or simple texts. We are using it when exhibiting as well instead of printed banners and our own experience tells us that the device is very effective.

Pixel: P4.81

Resolution of one side: 104 x 416 pixels

Dimensions of one side: 50 x 200 cm

LED totem na Festivale svetla

Our LED Totem at Festival of Light 2016 in Bratislava.

LED totem

Open door day at Lasermedia company.

LED totem test

Testing of new LED screen and two of the totems in our warehouse.