Preparation matches WCH2018

Slovak national ice hockey team played several preparation matches in slovak cities just few days before the World ice hockey championship. These matches were also broadcasted by national TV and we supplied LED screens for these events so the sponsors got more visibility. We used LED P6.6 outdoor, the installed size was always optimised according to the possibilities of each particular stadium:

20.4.2018 Michalovce 17m x 1,28m and 13,5m x 1,28m

21.4.2018 Poprad 17m x 1,28m and 17m x 1,28m

25.4.2018 Piešťany 13,5m x 1,28m and 12m x 1,28m

27.4.2018 Nitra 14,7m x 1,28m and 14,7m x 1,28m