Prevention of COVID-19 spreading

Contactless fever measurement solution from thermo-camera till LED poster display.



Measurement of body temperature

• Accurate, safe and effective measurements  (±0.5oC)

• Fast checks without delays thanks to the contactless measurement

• Possibility to measure groups







Measurement with simulated high temperature

• Results shown on LED screen

• Temperature checks with face mask

• Suitable for public offices, companies, commercial centers, pharmacists, supermarkets, etc.






AI detection

160 x 120 thermal resolution

3 / 6 mm thermal lens (recommended distance from object 0.8-1.5 / 1.5-3.0 m)

4 / 6 mm  optical lens


Additional functions of LED posters

• Remote control the poster over app (Android/iOS)

• Wifi connectivity allowing to control multiple screens over web UI

• Usable for advertising, playing video, pictures

• Split images over multiple posters