Since May 2019, we have become the official distributor of the Novastar brand. Our LED screens also work under this system.


Novastar is an advanced led control system which opens new oportunities in LED screen technology.

Large scale of products allows for customized solutions on every project.  Thanks to user friendly hardware and familiar software technology the Novastar system is the first choice of both amateur and proffesional technicians. 

Training by professionals

With ever evolving technologies continues schooling of your operators is must today. KVANTLED offers different training topics and customized schooling sessions. These trainings are given by our operators or the NOVASTAR people directly or remotely at our premises.

Technicians can exchange experiences and actively participate and get accustomed to the systems duringh the sessions.

For new customers we have a basic course taking them through the complete setup and control of their LED screens. We introduce them with the basic and advanced functionalities of both soft and hardware.


Schooling and support on selected topics:

  • Remote Set-up, calibration and operation of LED screens
  • Signal routing
  • Simple control of big multi display configurations
  • Online control of LED screens and networks of screens (LED billboard, advertising) anywhere.
  • Advanced Calibration procedures - colorimetry
  • Cloud solutions