By submitting an service request, the Customer agrees to these general terms and conditions.

If, after receipt of the device for repair and/or maintenance, it appears that there are additional hidden defects or defects not reported by the Customer, KVANTLED will make a new quotation and submit it to the Customer for approval.

Turnaround times: All lead times provided by KVANTLED are solely estimates. The actual repair timeframe may vary depending on the finding(s) from initial evaluation and the availability of the service part(s).

KVANTLED is not responsible for unpacked or inappropriately packed materials and can consequently not be held liable for any potential damage. If the Customer does not use the original packaging of the materials, the Customer bears the risk of damage upon returning.

In respect of each request for repair, adjustment or maintenance, the Customer is responsible for any data which may be stored on the device. KVANTLED cannot be held responsible for loss of or damage to the data.

Accessories that are not mentioned on the request cannot be reclaimed from KVANTLED. KVANTLED will insure the materials entrusted to it by the Customer for repair and/or maintenance against fire and theft, as long as they are in its possession. Any other liability of KVANTLED is expressly excluded.

Warranty: Repairs peformed by KVANTLED are covered by a 3 month warranty period, it being understood that the warranty is limited to the parts used and the work performed by KVANTLED. Traces of user damage, over voltage or liquid damage will void this warranty

For devices under warranty, the manufacturer’s warranty conditions apply. All costs for repair and/or maintenance performed by KVANTLED which are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are invoiced by KVANTLED to the Customer. Devices, which repair are covered by the warranty will be returned to the Customer after repair at KVANTLED’s expense.

The collection or receipt of devices by the Customer or its authorized representative, constitutes acceptance and approval of the condition of the device.

If the Customer fails to collect the device within a period of 1 month after the repair and/or the relevant quotation, KVANTLED has the right to sell the device and to deduct all its costs from the net sales price (excluding VAT) of the device. The balance, if any, will be deposited on a bank account indicated by the Customer.