Virtual Production | Live Streaming | Studio Recording

7.5 million pixels at your disposal

The KVANTLED STUDIO combines the hardware and experiences of our activities in a package ready to handle all your requirements for your next production.

All driven by Unreal content with movement tracking or a Christie media server.

For complete flexibility we have combined:

  • a 120 degree (extendable to 180), 12x3.5m LED wall with LED ceiling
  • a 7x3.5m flat LED wall
  • a LED cube of 3x3m for 3D presentations and effects
  • additional extension screens for even more reflective control

Go Virtual

Take your production virtual and discover the budget friendliness of being able to work in a studio setting, capturing any place with no need for travel.

The controlled environment saves you and your crew by not having to account for changes in lighting, inclement weather, or any external factor that may impact a shoot.

With Virtual production capabilities you take the competitive advantage as content creator both realizing cost savings and an accelerated time to market for your project.


Work with no creative boundaries. Completely customize a set, and even create environments from your imagination or combine with greenscreen shots. Anything becomes possible.


Unlike shooting with a green screen, the “effects” in a mixed reality production are captured in real-time and do not have to be created in the editing process, making it the most efficient form of production. This of course also translates to the post-production process, reducing the workload and time drastically.

Configurable and adaptable to your needs.

With fully manageable screen usage we are able to adapt the offering to your specific needs, be it a 1 day live conference stream, a repetitive studio recording or a long term film project.

Not only the technical hardware but also the on-site facilities and services can be included depending on your needs and budgets. From coat hanger to operator, ask us and we will accommodate.

No experience but full of ideas? We have preferred partners that know our studio inside-out and can help you managing your project from start to end. Their years of experience in their field and our LED-screen knowledge guarantee we bring your idea to a successful result.

STUDIO Location

At the outskirts of Bratislava, close to be convenient and distant enough to be untroubled.

  • Main connections: within minutes from the main highway connections to Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary and close to the old-town Bratislava.
  • Major railway station within walking distance
  • Airports at 15min (Bratislava) and 45 minutes (Vienna)



Gogoľova 18
Bratislava 831 02, Slovak Republic

Matej Homola

Sales, Rental and Logistics manager | Novastar | Studio
E-mail: matej.homola@kvant.sk | Phone: +421 918 699 616